My top three foundations

That dreaded time arrived once again, where I ran out of foundation and decided it was time to find a new one. It’s not that I didn’t love my foundation, it’s just once I started actively putting savings away and cutting costs at every corner, suddenly the money I was putting into my foundation seemed excessive.

Once I’m no longer saving for a deposit or earn a little more money, that will be the foundation I go back to because I do believe it’s worth the money, it’s just not money I can spare right now. In the spirit of hunting for a new foundation, I decided to list my three favourites with low, medium and high price tags to help you find your perfect base.

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What’s the story with toner?

Somewhere between college when I barely bothered to take my make up off (I know, number one skincare sin) and working for a women’s glossy magazine, I began trying every different type of product. From lotions and masks, to serums and primers. But one of the longest standing ones that I was always less sure of was toner. Some experts say it’s essential, others say you can skip it, and some even encourage you to leave it out.

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Tips for problem skin and breakouts

I have been a longtime sufferer of bad skin. I didn’t have the most severe case of acne, but my skin has never really been clear since I was 15. Now, almost 10 years later, I’m still battling breakouts every second week and they range from minor to ‘let’s just put a bag over my head.’ But don’t worry, if you’re like me, there are plenty of dos and don’ts to handle breakouts as well as some all-star products that I find the most useful when dealing with mine.

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