My top three foundations

That dreaded time arrived once again, where I ran out of foundation and decided it was time to find a new one. It’s not that I didn’t love my foundation, it’s just once I started actively putting savings away and cutting costs at every corner, suddenly the money I was putting into my foundation seemed excessive.

Once I’m no longer saving for a deposit or earn a little more money, that will be the foundation I go back to because I do believe it’s worth the money, it’s just not money I can spare right now. In the spirit of hunting for a new foundation, I decided to list my three favourites with low, medium and high price tags to help you find your perfect base.

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Clarins Masterclass

5 things I learned from the Clarins masterclass

Last night I attended a makeup masterclass with Simone Colombo, the Clarins International Training Manager. He was fascinating, warm and very excited to be in Dublin for the first time and when he started working on the beautiful model, he gave some great advice which I’m happy to share.

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What I tried this week

Bourjois Instant Brow Mascara

When it comes to my brows I am a Benefit queen and I happen to know of some very exciting brow products on the way for them next month, but recently my Gimme Brow dried out so I tried out the Bourjois Instant Brow Mascara instead and I loved it. the bottle is bigger than Gimme Brow, which is great and the brush is bigger too, which I found both good and bad. When I used it the first few times I found it great because I tinted my brows in one sweeping motion, but a couple of times I got the skin under my arch, so it doesn’t have the precision of Gimme Brow in that sense, but it is a more attractive price, at €13 on Littlewoods Ireland here.

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