Pantone Colour of the Year 2017

Last year, I wrote a post about the Pantone Colour of the Year and what it means. If you missed it, or need a refresher, you can check it out here.

While last year’s colour was a combination of rose quartz and serenity, this year has gone back to normal with a single colour: greenery.

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New Look AW16

New Look A/W 16 trends

While we’re all struggling to find something light but appropriate to wear in this humidity, I got to check out what New Look has on offer for us for autumn/winter. After all, the bright side of the summer coming to an end is a new wardrobe! While there were plenty of gorgeous patterned coats, dressy night out dresses and fabulous shoes, there were three trends in particularly that stood out to me that are going to be big this year. 

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marie kondo

How to KonMari your clothes

I’m a hoarder. Plain and simple. And I don’t discriminate, so I hoard everything, from clothes and books, to magazines and household items. For those of you who haven’t heard of the force that is Marie Kondo, she is a Japanese organising consultant. Her ‘KonMari’ method of de-cluttering has gone viral for the simple reason that it works and it’s really important to de-clutter your life every now and again. I’ve only barely dipped my toe into the Marie Kondo method, starting with clothes, but you have to start somewhere. Here’s how I got on.

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