what i call primer

What I like to call…primer

The title is not just a nod to comedian Miranda’s on-screen Mum, but also because I wanted to write this post about all the products I use as primer – although that might not be their sole purpose, they hopefully do a lot more. 

So, these are some of my favourite products to keep makeup in place longer and therefore make your face look great! I usually have about two or three on the go at one time, depending on what my skin needs. Today’s picks can all be used with or without makeup, although I rarely go without it. Continue reading

travel beauty bits

My traveling beauty bag

I have a whole separate list of products that I take away with me for nights/weekends away or holidays abroad and there are two reasons for this:

  1. To avoid bringing big, bulky bottles
  2. Ask anyone, I’m very forgetful, so it’s better the bag is already 90% packed.

But, I still like to bring nice products away with me , so I thought I’d share what I have in my travel bag.

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Face masks

What’s the story with face masks?

I love face masks. Even before I see any benefits, I love the feeling I get when I put on a face mask because it means I’m giving my skin some extra TLC, and anyone who knows me will know that I have problem skin so I like to treat it to as many lotions and potions as I can without overloading it. But for anyone unsure about what mask to try, the difference between leave on masks and sheet masks, or wondering if there really is any point in putting on a face mask, keep reading. Continue reading

What I tried this week

Liz Earle Superskin Eye Cream

 I’ve gotten very paranoid about the old wrinkles. Apart from them being a natural result of aging, I am very expressive; anyone who knows me knows I like to laugh, smile and talk all the time and I am paying for that now, particularly on my forehead but also around that delicate eye area.

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Behind every successful women

Things to know & love about Irish women

You have to love the Irish ladies, we are smart, stylish and hilarious; we have been told by a number of surveys that we are; in the top ten best looking in the world, (dating site beautifulpeople.com) we have the sexiest accent in the world (onepoll.com – okay, voted for by women but still) and we’re mad for the ride…according to Irish Tatler in 2012, we think about sex even more than men. Here are a few other deadly things we can love about ourselves (and may be helpful to men). Continue reading

What I tried this week

Bourjois Instant Brow Mascara

When it comes to my brows I am a Benefit queen and I happen to know of some very exciting brow products on the way for them next month, but recently my Gimme Brow dried out so I tried out the Bourjois Instant Brow Mascara instead and I loved it. the bottle is bigger than Gimme Brow, which is great and the brush is bigger too, which I found both good and bad. When I used it the first few times I found it great because I tinted my brows in one sweeping motion, but a couple of times I got the skin under my arch, so it doesn’t have the precision of Gimme Brow in that sense, but it is a more attractive price, at €13 on Littlewoods Ireland here.

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