Essential autumn reading

I’m a book addict . I can’t stop buying books, despite already having a tower of must-reads beside my bed. Yesterday was National Book Lovers’ Day – finally, a holiday I can get on board with! So, that inspired me to compile a list of some essential autumn reads for you to enjoy. I’ve put down five books that I read and loved and five others that I’m happy to recommend from my ‘to be read’ pile – just because I haven’t gotten to them yet, doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of a mention.

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New Look AW16

New Look A/W 16 trends

While we’re all struggling to find something light but appropriate to wear in this humidity, I got to check out what New Look has on offer for us for autumn/winter. After all, the bright side of the summer coming to an end is a new wardrobe! While there were plenty of gorgeous patterned coats, dressy night out dresses and fabulous shoes, there were three trends in particularly that stood out to me that are going to be big this year. 

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Face masks

What’s the story with face masks?

I love face masks. Even before I see any benefits, I love the feeling I get when I put on a face mask because it means I’m giving my skin some extra TLC, and anyone who knows me will know that I have problem skin so I like to treat it to as many lotions and potions as I can without overloading it. But for anyone unsure about what mask to try, the difference between leave on masks and sheet masks, or wondering if there really is any point in putting on a face mask, keep reading. Continue reading

Father’s Day gift ideas

It’s Father Day this Sunday, June 19th and, while we have already shared why our Dad and others are such gas craic, we also wanted to help you choose a gift.

We all love our Dads and for some of us, the husbands or partners who are the father of our children. Whether you are buying for one or both of those this weekend and maybe also for your father-in-law or even a Grandfather there is something on this gift list for you. We have budget and big-spend choices so take your pick and happy shopping.

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10 reasons dads are gas craic

Dads are special – it goes without saying. We thought of our own amazing dad when we wrote this, and I think we can all agree that while every dad is different, they do share certain qualities that make them hilarious as well as lovable. Also, lots of love to anyone who doesn’t have their dad on Father’s Day for whatever reason and a big shout out to the awesome person or people in your lives who provide you with just as much love, support and laughter. If you’re looking for awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day, we have those too!

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