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10 reasons women really are amazing

It’s International Women’s Day today, and what better time to celebrate being a woman? There’s enough statistics, inequality and gender imbalance to give us women something to shout about, but instead of focusing on the negatives, we wanted to take today to focus on all the positives that come with being a woman.

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5 reasons I don’t drive

We are broken up into drivers and non-drivers, and at the moment, I am the latter. There are a few reasons I don’t drive, although the main one is that I don’t have a car. Or a full licence. Or a provisional that hasn’t expired. Okay, so I’m missing a few important components even if I wanted to drive right now, but there are other reasons I choose not to, which I think the other members in the non-driving category can agree with.

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If you were born in the 80s and a teenager in the 90s…

You at some point in your life have owned and swapped fancy note paper. Some of it even smelt pretty…how???

You owned one of these fat, multi-coloured pens…and had a pencil topper that you kept forgetting about and mistakenly chewed on your pencil…ugh, troll hair in mouth!

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