Chocolate myths & facts

Happy World Chocolate Day! We’re both serious chocoholics, so to celebrate the day, we decided to make ourselves and any other chocolate lovers out there feel better by debunking a few well-known myths about chocolate and revealing a few interesting facts that you may not know about chocolate.

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Summer reading

Essential summer reading

While I have previously spoken about my book buying habits, I do have an ‘all or nothing’ tendency. I’m either flying through two books a week or I haven’t picked one up for months. I never stop wanting to buy them but I do get into a bad habit of not picking it up from time to time.

My new love of podcasts meant my reading list suffered because I wasn’t reading on my commute from about October to Christmas. But now, I’ve found the right balance and I’m devouring books all over again, so it’s time for some more recommendations, both from what I’ve read and from what I’m already dying to read. Just in time for summer!

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Essential autumn reading

I’m a book addict . I can’t stop buying books, despite already having a tower of must-reads beside my bed. Yesterday was National Book Lovers’ Day – finally, a holiday I can get on board with! So, that inspired me to compile a list of some essential autumn reads for you to enjoy. I’ve put down five books that I read and loved and five others that I’m happy to recommend from my ‘to be read’ pile – just because I haven’t gotten to them yet, doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of a mention.

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Father’s Day gift ideas

It’s Father Day this Sunday, June 19th and, while we have already shared why our Dad and others are such gas craic, we also wanted to help you choose a gift.

We all love our Dads and for some of us, the husbands or partners who are the father of our children. Whether you are buying for one or both of those this weekend and maybe also for your father-in-law or even a Grandfather there is something on this gift list for you. We have budget and big-spend choices so take your pick and happy shopping.

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10 reasons dads are gas craic

Dads are special – it goes without saying. We thought of our own amazing dad when we wrote this, and I think we can all agree that while every dad is different, they do share certain qualities that make them hilarious as well as lovable. Also, lots of love to anyone who doesn’t have their dad on Father’s Day for whatever reason and a big shout out to the awesome person or people in your lives who provide you with just as much love, support and laughter. If you’re looking for awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day, we have those too!

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daylight robbery

Daylight robbery and other funny phrases

Last year, we were in Edinburgh and we brushed up on our culture on a tour of St Mary’s Close – highly recommended if you’re there. On the tour, we learned that the term ‘daylight robbery,’ actually comes from the 17th Century when a Window Tax was introduced, which literally charged people for the privilege of daylight. Many less fortunate families bricked up their windows in order to avoid the tax. Inspired by this, we decided to find out where other common phrases originate from.

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Behind every successful women

Things to know & love about Irish women

You have to love the Irish ladies, we are smart, stylish and hilarious; we have been told by a number of surveys that we are; in the top ten best looking in the world, (dating site we have the sexiest accent in the world ( – okay, voted for by women but still) and we’re mad for the ride…according to Irish Tatler in 2012, we think about sex even more than men. Here are a few other deadly things we can love about ourselves (and may be helpful to men). Continue reading


Famous April Fools’ jokes

Happy April Fools’ Day everyone. I have to say when I was younger, I wasn’t the biggest fan. I’m quite a gullible person and while I am able to laugh at myself, I don’t love being taken in by things. Until recently, this day was rife with pitfalls for me but now  I came to appreciate the day for the harmless fun that it’s meant  to be. To mark it this year, I decided to list my top five famous April Fools’ jokes, along with some DIY pranks you might fancy trying on some poor unfortunate for yourself. Continue reading