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Budget beauty buys & dupes – Dealz and Penneys

When it comes to makeup and beauty, I’m a brand girl – I like my Essie, my Estee Lauder, my Clinique, and my Benefit. My lip glosses are all from Mac. It’s not because I’m a snob, but a creature of habit and when I find something I like that works, I stick with it. The bigger brand names also have more of a familiarity with me and get more coverage in magazines and media.

However, supermarket and budget brands from outlets like Dealz and Penneys have upped their game; here are a few lovely budget bits I picked up recently. Continue reading


What’s the story with toner?

Somewhere between college when I barely bothered to take my make up off (I know, number one skincare sin) and working for a women’s glossy magazine, I began trying every different type of product. From lotions and masks, to serums and primers. But one of the longest standing ones that I was always less sure of was toner. Some experts say it’s essential, others say you can skip it, and some even encourage you to leave it out.

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What I tried this week

Bourjois Instant Brow Mascara

When it comes to my brows I am a Benefit queen and I happen to know of some very exciting brow products on the way for them next month, but recently my Gimme Brow dried out so I tried out the Bourjois Instant Brow Mascara instead and I loved it. the bottle is bigger than Gimme Brow, which is great and the brush is bigger too, which I found both good and bad. When I used it the first few times I found it great because I tinted my brows in one sweeping motion, but a couple of times I got the skin under my arch, so it doesn’t have the precision of Gimme Brow in that sense, but it is a more attractive price, at €13 on Littlewoods Ireland here.

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Brows: waxing vs threading

Brows are definitely the new ‘desert island’ beauty obsession these days. I know when my eyebrows are freshly waxed and tinted, they frame my whole face and I can go out with just my brows done and nothing else. But whether you’ve always done them yourself, and you’re looking for a professional service, or you’ve tried one and you’re curious about the other, I’m looking at the differences between waxing and threading your eyebrows. Continue reading

What I tried this week

This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir

This is new to the This Works range. I had tried the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray before and found it effective, but I do find it a bit strange lying on a slightly damp pillow for a minute. I also found myself using a good few sprays to get the scent to last. This hair elixir solves both of those problems for me and it’s an amazing sleep aid. I was lucky to get to try it through work but it retails for about €33 and is available in Arnotts and Harvey Nichols, as well as on their website here. It smells like lavender and it’s quite strong so 1-2 sprays in your hair will do the job. According to the bottle;

It’s a motion-activated sleep aid and hair treatment in one for healthy-looking, manageable hair upon waking.  It has a time-release system combining pure essential oils for sleep with hair boosting Sunflower Extract and botanical oils of Argan, Jojoba & Baobab.  

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What I tried this week

Garnier Ultimate Blends Restoring Body Butter & Lotion

This is a new range from Garnier. It is the Honey Treasure range, which, according to the packaging, consists of;

Royal jelly; a revitalising elixir renowned for its restoring properties, propoli; a remarkable ingredient which acts as a protective barrier and honey; a smoothing and nourishing nectar.

Basically, the bees are helping our very dry skin with this product!

I bought both the body butter and body lotion, as the range was half price in Boots; the lotion was €6.29 and body butter, almost €8.29 full price, so I got them both for €7.29. They smell fab, fresh and not too overpowering or girly – lovely for when you’re getting the limbs out in the coming months. Continue reading

Tips for problem skin and breakouts

I have been a longtime sufferer of bad skin. I didn’t have the most severe case of acne, but my skin has never really been clear since I was 15. Now, almost 10 years later, I’m still battling breakouts every second week and they range from minor to ‘let’s just put a bag over my head.’ But don’t worry, if you’re like me, there are plenty of dos and don’ts to handle breakouts as well as some all-star products that I find the most useful when dealing with mine.

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