7 random podcasts to check out

Last year, I decided I would start listening to more podcasts – or any podcasts. After some trial and error I managed to find some that I look forward to listening to all the time. I’ve rounded up a random selection that I would highly recommend. They vary in subject matter and time so there will be something for everyone.

My Dad Wrote a Porno – 30-40 mins

I thought I’d start the list off with a bang – literally. This one was recommended me for laugh-out-loud listening. Every time I listened to one, I was in tears with laughter. This podcast centres around a guy and his two mates reading an erotic novel written by his dad. It’s as funny as it sounds, with swearing and explicit content. It started more than a year ago, but I would recommend going back to the start and listening to the riveting book from the beginning. It has since had a sequel, and with series three starting this month, it’s time to start binging. Check out the teaser for series one below.

RTÉ The Book Show – 30 mins

As a book addict, this podcast was a no-brainer for me. Sinéad Gleeson talks to writers, discusses the latest books as well as the books we know and love. The Book Show explores the world of books, reading, writing and publishing. For anyone who loves books as much as I do, look no further. I especially like this one because I wanted a book podcast closer to home, and I love Sinéad Gleeson.

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly @ The Irish Times – 5 mins

For a super short sound bite of humour, Ross O’Carroll-Kelly is your only man. If you’ve ever read his columns or books I would recommend subscribing to this and listening to it while waiting for a bus. The only thing to mind is the podcast, which is a recording of his weekly columns, are up to date in the world of Ross O’Carroll-Kelly. That means, if you haven’t read the books and you want to avoid spoilers, hold off. However, I would argue that you will still get just as much enjoyment out of both, no matter what order you read them in. Below is one of my favourites from Christmas last year.

Writing Excuses – 20 mins

This is one is a little niche, but for anyone who loves writing as much as I do, this is by far the best podcast I’ve found on the craft. While a whole episode is about 20 mins, their tag line is “15 minutes long, because you’re in a hurry and we’re not that smart,” which sums up the quick wit of the podcast. It takes the form of a panel of four American writers. They’re funny, fast and insightful about writing fiction. The only drawback is most of their guests tend to be sci-fi, fantasy and horror writers, although their advice is very general and applicable to all writers.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – 60 mins

This podcast only started at the beginning of November so it won’t take you long to catch up on previous episodes. It takes the form of a panel gameshow in America, with a reverse format. Contestants ask the panel a question, allowing for some pretty funny responses and discussion before the contestant explains the truth. This podcast is incredibly interesting, full of obscure info and hilarious panels. I couldn’t get a sample of this one but you can listen to them here, and I reccomend episode nine, ‘Wordz’ featuring our own Maeve Higgins.

The Women’s Podcast – 50-60 mins

This is one for the girls, although I would definitely praise men who were willing to give this one a listen. It talks about politics, feminism, sexuality, equality and a host of other important topics for women. It’s topical, thought-provoking and entertaining. It’s long, so I usually listen to this over the course of a few days, but it’s broken into sections so it’s easy to pause and come back to it. They’ve recently switched to two podcasts a week, one is the full 50-60 mins and the other one is a shorter half hour podcast.

FUTURE PROOF – 50 mins

Since I started working for a science and tech website last year, I’ve taken more of an interest in the subjects, especially since my knowledge was limited before I worked there. Couple that with the fact that Claire is now the producer for this show on Newstalk and it’s the perfect fit. You can listen to the show live between 12pm and 1pm on Saturdays, but if you miss it, the podcast is the perfect way to catch up with the latest news and interesting feature slots on scientific breakthroughs. Once again, this is a very niche topic, but if science interests you at all, this is definitely worth a listen. You can listen back to recent ones here.

Happy listening!

Jenny x

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