Clarins Masterclass

5 things I learned from the Clarins masterclass

Last night I attended a makeup masterclass with Simone Colombo, the Clarins International Training Manager. He was fascinating, warm and very excited to be in Dublin for the first time and when he started working on the beautiful model, he gave some great advice which I’m happy to share.

For smudge-free eyeliner…

Simone suggestsΒ  dabbing powder just under the eye to set your eyeliner in place and stop it from smudging. This was definitely my favourite tip, as I live by my eye pencil and it always smudges.

For more definition…

Interestingly, he brought a light amount of blush up to the outer corner of the eye. It was very subtle, but it gave more definition to the cheekbones, which now looked even higher.

For bolder eye shadow…

For a start, using an eye shadow powder wet will intensify the colour massively. However, Simone’s expert tip is to use a make-up fix spray instead of water to avoid the shadow cracking or going into the creases. Clarins have Fix Make-Up for €28 in Arnotts.

For cracked lips…

Simone says he uses Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil during all the fashion shows he works on because with fast changing looks, the models’ lips can become very cracked and dry. He used this oil on their clean lips before working on the rest of their look and in five minutes the oil has remedied the cracks. This was already a winner for Claire for her midsummer essentials, so this tip was a definite winner for me too.

For added glamour…

The final tip goes back to the eyes, as Simone took a day look into a night look without starting over. He suggested using eye liner under the eye, followed by a gentle line of eye pencil under that for added glamour on a night out.


The final look

Jenny x

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