On a shoe string and for a splurge: Serums


Lacura Face Care range from Aldi

lacuraRenew Multi-Intensive Serum with Q10 Anti-Wrinkle: This product is a steal and I found it to be excellent. The consistency is a little milkier than I like for a serum, not runny, just more like a moisturiser, but I did find it to be a little wonder product that improved the appearance of my skin, fine lines and wrinkles every bit as much as my mid-range pick; it also smells lovely and fresh. At less than €5 for 50ml, this is a perfect ‘waiting for pay day’ product. Why should your skin suffer because your bank balance is in crisis?


No. 7 Advanced Skincare

protect & perfect

No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum: Boots have been constantly improving this winning serum and it’s never let me down. I have been using this product for years, and it’s a firm favourite with me. I love how it feels; it illuminates my skin and make-up sits better after using it under my moisturiser, so it almost doubles as a primer. It’s aimed at 30-45 age profile and like all the serums I’ve featured, it does improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The texture is exactly what I like in a serum, it costs €34.50 and the price is even better if it happens to be €6.50 off No. 7 voucher time. I actually cut the container open to get the last bits out, as its only 30ml, so my only downside is that it doesn’t last longer!


Kiehl’s Dermatolgist Solutions


Kiehl’s Powerful–Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate: You have to love Kiehl’s, they do exactly what they say on their bottles! This is a gorgeous product, which I love! The texture is similar to Protect & Perfect but thicker and it warms your skin. It’s a very powerful anti-wrinkle treatment, containing 10.5% of pure vitamin C. It also really does improve and increase radiance. I loved using mine at night, especially if I’m really pampering myself, it feels so luxurious when it heats your skin. At €56 for 50mls, it’s not cheap but the price has come down and mine lasted for ages, it’s the perfect wish-list product.


Claire x

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