10 reasons dads are gas craic

Dads are special – it goes without saying. We thought of our own amazing dad when we wrote this, and I think we can all agree that while every dad is different, they do share certain qualities that make them hilarious as well as lovable. Also, lots of love to anyone who doesn’t have their dad on Father’s Day for whatever reason and a big shout out to the awesome person or people in your lives who provide you with just as much love, support and laughter. If you’re looking for awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day, we have those too!

Nothing is truly broken, it just needs more Sellotape

They won’t refuse to buy a new remote/kettle/lamp when it breaks, of course not. It’s just, this one isn’t broken you see. You just need to twist it this way, then turn it upside down, then add a little more Sellotape and press this button really hard. See? It works perfectly!

They laugh the hardest at their own jokes

We’re all well aware of dad jokes, and some of them are pretty funny, but let’s be honest. They’re not really for us, are they? Who gets more enjoyment out of dad jokes than our actual dads? But of course we laugh along because we’re good children and we want to make them happy – and because some of them actually are funny.

dad joke

They’re super proud when they’re able to look after themselves

They say self-praise is no praise, but when our dad manages to fend for himself for a weekend, sometimes self-praise is the only praise. When he’s left to his own devices and manages to cook himself a dinner and even wash up afterwards he will definitely talk about it for the next two weeks, and that’s okay, because he also taught us that achievements should be celebrated. We’re sure he’s not the only one.

They’re not afraid of DIY

In fact, they probably thrive on it. If most dad’s are like ours, they don’t like the idea of other people getting involved when they believe they can do a better job themselves. And whether they’re as handy with an electric drill as we are with a knife and fork, or if they can just barely change a light bulb, they still have to be appreciated for their determination to get stuck in themselves.

They pride themselves on embracing new technology

We’re definitely not alone with this one. Our dad also believes once he has embraced it, he has become the single most knowledgeable person about it. From Whatsapp and Twitter to voice notes and emojis, most dads are on the ball with picking up the modern technologies and attempting to teach us a thing or two, which we let them do – even if we already knew.

dad technology

They cave for us every time when they do the shopping

Okay, so it turns out we didn’t fool them when we were kids. Our dad always knew Mam never said we could get chocolate ice-cream but he played along because he wanted us to have whatever we want. And no matter how old we get, our dads will continue to treat us any way they can because they strive to make us as happy as possible.

They can definitely teach us better than any of our teachers

Whether it was extra lessons over tricky homework, a more efficient method of finding the bite when driving a car or a knack for how to retain phone numbers, our dad wasΒ our first teacher and will never stop teaching, even if we don’t always want to hear it – and we’re sure plenty of other dads are the same (we’ll thank themΒ later). They’re incapable of turning off their teacher mode, which is just as well because we never stop learning from them (I still swear by the ‘clockwise to close’ rule – thanks, Dad).

They will happily get girly for quality time together

Sure, they can play football and the PlayStation with their sons, but it takes real ‘dad’ character to come to the One Direction concerts, receive makeovers and watch Legally Blonde with us. But they do it because they want to spend time with us and they want to let us pick what we want to do. Besides, we have a sneaking suspicion they secretly enjoy some of it! Our dad is actually pretty open about enjoying our films.

legally blonde

Our poor dad watches so many of our movies…

They love every gift we give them

From that old record that took us ages to find, to the pair of novelty socks, all gifts are created equal when it comes to dads and everything is exciting and something to be grateful for. You have not seen true, hilarious excitement, until you see a dad get genuinely thrilled by a pair of ‘The Simpsons’ socks.

They are our bankers, chauffeurs and teachers

Okay, so our dad is pretty much everything to us, and we think most people feel the same. They’re the best piggy bank because they never seem to run out, they drive us everywhere and pick us up, they teach us the important lessons in life, including how to do things on our own, they keep us fed, they make us feel special and they’re often our number one cheerleaders. They really our everything to us, which is what makes them so amazing.

Happy Father’s Day!

We love you, Dad!

Claire & Jenny x

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