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Budget beauty buys & dupes – Dealz and Penneys

When it comes to makeup and beauty, I’m a brand girl – I like my Essie, my Estee Lauder, my Clinique, and my Benefit. My lip glosses are all from Mac. It’s not because I’m a snob, but a creature of habit and when I find something I like that works, I stick with it. The bigger brand names also have more of a familiarity with me and get more coverage in magazines and media.

However, supermarket and budget brands from outlets like Dealz and Penneys have upped their game; here are a few lovely budget bits I picked up recently.


I found this fabulous NYC Demi Lovato palette; the colours make it a great dupe for the Naked Palette from Urban Decay and priced at only €6.95 in Penneys, while the Urban Decay palettes retail at around €47. The pigment is almost as good, maybe layer a little extra to be sure it lasts. If you’re not able to fully let go of your Urban Decay, you should pick this up anyway. The compact is a little slimmer and smaller, so it could be brought around in your bag or kept as a spare.

naked paletteI also picked this essence nude 02 palette up, it cost €5; all usable colours and neat enough to throw into your bag.

essence nudes


My favourite Mac lipgloss is Plushglass in ‘Big Baby.’ It’s the perfect everyday nude colour and I sometimes layer in with ‘Overindulgence’ in Cremesheen; both €22. This Dealz Make Up Gallery Shine On Intense Colour & Shine Lip Gloss Nice & Nude is €1.79 and almost a perfect match!  It is a little pinkish compared to the Mac one, so may not be strong enough in colour for some and has a stickier texture but for less than €2 it does the job.

I also picked up the Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in ‘Apricot Cream 020’ in Penneys for €3.99. This is a gorgeous lip gloss and lip smoother; it’s soft and easy to apply, it does even out any fine lines on your lips, the colour is perfect for a natural, fresh look and it actually tastes nice. It’s a total wonder product for me. Dupe alert: This is very similar to the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Protector, which costs €20

Argan Oil

The Argan oil hair care range from Lidl is very reasonably priced and the shampoo and conditioner are excellent. Jenny also tried the Hask range, available from Penneys and reported it felt and smelt lovely. The Argan oil gave the result of a luxury brand for softness and she felt the shampoo gave a really deep clean and lathered really well. They are €4.50 each.

Hask Hair

Speaking of Argan oil; I also bought and tried an Argan oil hand and nail cream from Dealz; €1.50 for 100ml with 25% free. It smelt lovely and while it took 2-3 minutes to dry in (I wouldn’t put your hands through your hair straight away) it didn’t leave  a greasy residue; overall a nice enough product for your car or desk drawer. My main issue with hand creams is forgetting to use them; I find it’s very hard to get good results this way!

argan oil hand cream


I picked up these two nail varnishes; the Make Up Gallery Time To Shine Quick Dry Nail Colour is ‘Ruby Red’* for €1.50. It really did dry quickly and lasted exceptionally well, I was surprised how good this was at this price.

red nails

I also bought this Make Up Gallery Well-Polished Ridge Filler Base Coat for €1.50. By the way, I have dreadful nails, I mean really crappy, dire, peeling and splitting nails! So, this was another wonder product for me.

base coatIt smooths any ridges or layers on your nails, leaving them smooth enough to take colour, it definitely improved the life of my nail varnish. I love it and have already bought a few more bottles in case they stop selling it (yes Mac, your limited edition tendency has us all running scared!)

*Side note: I’m currently researching the best staying power of different nail varnishes and I’m going with red as it’s the most annoying colour to have chip or not last.

I’m trying budget mascaras next, so stay tuned!

Claire x

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