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Things to know & love about Irish women

You have to love the Irish ladies, we are smart, stylish and hilarious; we have been told by a number of surveys that we are; in the top ten best looking in the world, (dating site we have the sexiest accent in the world ( – okay, voted for by women but still) and we’re mad for the ride…according to Irish Tatler in 2012, we think about sex even more than men. Here are a few other deadly things we can love about ourselves (and may be helpful to men).

  • Our handbags are full enough to force the men in our lives to mumble about the kitchen sink and there is a serious chance we have injured our shoulders/back/posture from carrying them around and yet we still can’t find a pen or Panadol when we need one or both!


  • We don’t like to be questioned but we do like to be consulted…on pretty much everything. But don’t make us ask you to ask us for our advice – you’re supposed to want our help, we know best!
  • We can’t take compliments…from anyone…ever. We feel compelled to laugh them off, strongly disagree or sometimes even point out why our admirer is both a chancer and a liar – “No, I don’t! Sure I slept in this makeup and just borrowed this from a homeless person…don’t be a sap.”
  • We do still like to get compliments though….and “you look grand” does not count.

Coco Chanel quote

  • We are world class at banter!
  • Our cars are like a second home. Tissues, makeup, tampons, 75 half-drank bottles of water, a cardigan or wrap, phone charger, driving shoes to save the stilettos…you name it. If it’s not in her bag, it’s in her car.
  • We are great at negotiating…or perhaps bargaining is a more appropriate word. As in, “I did a yoga class/run/walk today so I can totally have that glass of wine/bag of Doritos/entire bar of chocolate.”
Just one glass...

Just one glass…

  • We are awesome financial planners. “These shoes practically pay for themselves considering how many weddings I’m going to.” Note: these shoes may not match the dress I buy for the next wedding, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  • We love our girlfriends, mums, aunts and sisters and we are super supportive and very protective of each other. Be warned; don’t slag off our pals or family. 

good friend

surround yourself

  • We also love a bit of gossip and a touch of drama…just to keep things interesting.
  • We are cryptic creatures that like to keep you guessing. 98% of the time when we say we’re fine, we are definitely not fine and it is up to you to work out why.

irish woman

  • We are multitaskers. We can send a work email, talk on the phone to the mother-in-law, landlord or the Vodafone guy, keeping one eye on a Ted talk on the tablet, all while we’re planning food prep for the week.
  • We are immune to man-flu…there is not a known case of the illness worldwide affecting women, certainly not in Ireland anyway.
  • We don’t apologise for getting our make-up, hair, nails, brows or tan (or all of the above) done. We do enough for other people (see above) and contrary to popular belief, we really do all of it for ourselves. It doesn’t make us any less clever or funny, just an even bigger ride-bag!
  • We are not afraid to speak up for ourselves and others. We know how to say no and when something isn’t right. We came from Irish mammies after all, so we are physically incapable of taking any shit!


Claire x

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