Brows: waxing vs threading

Brows are definitely the new ‘desert island’ beauty obsession these days. I know when my eyebrows are freshly waxed and tinted, they frame my whole face and I can go out with just my brows done and nothing else. But whether you’ve always done them yourself, and you’re looking for a professional service, or you’ve tried one and you’re curious about the other, I’m looking at the differences between waxing and threading your eyebrows.


Reviewing specific brow bars is definitely another post for another time, as I’m currently a creature of habit and can only vouch for my usual spot, Benefit on South William Street, Dublin 2.


The waxing experience itself is pretty quick and painless, for anyone who has ever got anything waxed, you’ll know the motion, it’s nothing more than the quick rip of a plaster, and there are only a couple of spots for your eyebrows that I find particularly sensitive, and they’re the outer corners where your skin is most loose, and the very inner corner near your eyelid.


I’ve gotten my brows threaded twice; once in the Shavata Brow Studio in Dundrum Town Centre and once more recently in Brazillia on South William Street. Brazillia is more private as they have segregated therapy rooms, while Shavata is more like an open brow bar.


If you’re unfamiliar, threading basically involves a thin thread twisted and rolled over unwanted hairs. The thread catches them and pulls them out and it can catch very small hairs, unlike tweezing. I find threading more uncomfortable as it’s not as quick, and it’s a slower pulling motion, but both times I was really happy with the shape of my arch.

Overall verdict

It’s not that I’m a wuss, but I do enjoy getting beauty treatments and I find the threading process too uncomfortable to get it done regularly. It feels like a mix of tweezing and waxing, in that it pulls one hair at a time, like dominoes, but not as fast as waxing. You also have to lie back and it reminds me of lying back facing a light in a dentist. However, when it comesΒ  to the actual shape, I prefer the shape that threading gives. It’s more precise, so the arch is more rounded. However, Claire’s HD brow expert says you should be wary about who you go to when it comes to threading. It’s an Asian technique that must be carefully mastered and not everyone will give you perfect results.

In short: If you’re looking for a better, more rounded or curved shape to your arch, try threading. If you want a more angular shape, and you’re not a fan of the threading feeling, go for waxing.

Jenny x

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