What I tried this week

Garnier Ultimate Blends Restoring Body Butter & Lotion

This is a new range from Garnier. It is the Honey Treasure range, which, according to the packaging, consists of;

Royal jelly; a revitalising elixir renowned for its restoring properties, propoli; a remarkable ingredient which acts as a protective barrier and honey; a smoothing and nourishing nectar.

Basically, the bees are helping our very dry skin with this product!

I bought both the body butter and body lotion, as the range was half price in Boots; the lotion was €6.29 and body butter, almost €8.29 full price, so I got them both for €7.29. They smell fab, fresh and not too overpowering or girly – lovely for when you’re getting the limbs out in the coming months.


I would almost always be a body butter girl. I have dry skin and I think lotions generally don’t have the same moisturising or lasting effect. That being said, I have found that is the case with milkier versions of lotion, and this one actually sits on your skin, more like a light body butter. I particularly like the dispenser as it makes it quick and easy to apply. Also, while it’s more heavyweight than a regular lotion, it is still quicker to rub in than a body butter. It’s a nice lightweight and flat bottle to travel with too; I find body butters too bulky and lots of minis don’t have enough content for me. I genuinely felt that it left my skin softer and the effect lasted until the next day, which is very unusual for a lotion.

Body Butter

I am the queen of body butters. Name it and I’ve tried it, budget, mid-range and luxury! This one is very reasonable, even at full price, but it’s definitely more like a body soufflé than something as heavy duty as Body Butter from The Body Shop. This makes it easier to rub in, but I felt it stayed on my skin, leaving a kind of greasy film for half an hour or so. It did leave my skin lovely and smooth and wasn’t sticky, but when I use it again it will be before I get into the PJs or maybe if I’ve lots of time to do my make-up before I get dressed. Overall, it’s a nice body soufflé, reasonably priced, took a little long to absorb and while it was absorbing it sat on the skin, which could have easily rubbed off on something.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Facial Oil

This was also on special in Boots when I was shopping; it’s usually sold for almost €29.99 but it was reduced to €19.99. Jenny actually included a bottle of this in my Christmas present but it got lost before I had a chance to try it – raging! Anyhow, I love trying out new face oils, creams, moisture masks and serums, anything to help reduce the fine lines.

The smell is lovely and it claims to promote a calm and comforting feeling after application. While I wouldn’t go that far, it has that lovely smell that reminds me of when I get a massage, which would invoke a feeling calm for me. It contains eight essential oils and promises to nourish, soften and brighten. I only use it before bed right now, but if you are using it in the morning, I would use less than the bare minimum, if that makes sense. Like any facial oil, it’s a little greasy but dries in super-fast and it’s very lightweight compared to some facial oils I’ve tried. It does add a touch of instant brightness to your skin when you apply it first. For the bargain price of €19.99 it was definitely worth the buy. Even at full price, it’s a good buy as you use so little that it lasts ages. Not a high-end product but a nice luxury feel to it. It does feel ‘nourishing’ when you put it on; I personally think what you put on your skin can only nourish it so much compared to your diet, but this does feel like it’s doing good, kind things to my skin. It has the typical gold L’Oreal packaging, although mine actually had a little red bow around the bottle, but that’s not standard.


Already tried and tested

Wilkinson Sword Razors Extra 2 Beauty Sun

I included these because they are the brand I always buy but these are yellow and I usually only ever see pink. I like how slim they are and I never nick myself with them (I don’t have the patience for leg-waxing). They are usually €5.49 or €5.79, although sometimes they’re on special in some of the major supermarkets or you will get 2 free in a pack. These were only €1.79 in Dealz and came with the 2 free…score!

MAC Plushglass Big Baby

I wear this every day, on its own or layered with another lipgloss and sometimes even going out if I’m wearing a smoky eye; it can look nude, peachy or pink depending on how you wear it. I’ve included it because I had to pick one up this week and this is a firm favourite fixture in my make-up bag for €22. However, I may have found a very close equivalent for €1.79! Standby for my upcoming post on supermarket makeup.

Claire x

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