If you were born in the 90s and a teenager in the noughties…

This one is for the marginally younger readers. If you were born in the 80s you should definitely head over here and read this. For those of you born in the 90s, you’ll remember these…

For us, it was all about the smelly gel pens. Really, they were impossible to write with because they never dried but they smelt so good! Although there was always that one that smelt like banana. Who ever asked for that one?

Gel pens

You had millions of Polly Pocket sets. Back when Polly Pocket was actually small enough to fit in your pocket. You were always jealous of your friend who had all the Disney versions.

You experienced trauma with The Lion King…you’re still recovering to be honest…

lion king

You lost your reason when Sabrina the Teenage Witch had a magazine with collectable makeup. You never missed an issue, and you tried all those ‘so-called’ easy hairstyles for school.

sabrina's secrets

Speaking of Sabrina, this was definitely one of your favourite TV moments.

britney and sabrina

And you always knew she’d end up with Harvey in the end.

sabrina and harvey

Your TV home was at Nickelodeon, back when it used to have presenters like Yolly and Dave ‘the boy’ Berry. Remember them?

Except now they look like this. Time has been good.

Tamagotchi was the first thing that proved you were not ready for a pet.


Your CD collection consisted of S Club 7, Spice Girls, and a whole lot of “Now That’s What I Call Music.” That is, back when those CDs were only on numbers 30-40. They’re up to 92 now.

Westlife or Boyzone was the ultimate debate. But you had your favourites in both. We lie in wait for #Boyzlife.


Before Netflix, there was video rentals from Chartbusters. It was common courtesy to rewind them before you brought them back.


MSN messenger was your life. You spent hours playing the flirting game with boys you liked by pretending to send them heartfelt messages “by mistake.” You also nudged people who weren’t replying to you fast enough.


The ‘Save’ symbol on the PC actually means something to us.

You were all about gypsy skirts, especially if they had that ombre look. You also switched to mini skirts, usually denim, to go off to the teenage disco.

You loved coloured eyeliner above your lash line. You probably had a different colour for each day of the week.

coloured eyeliner

You and all your friends had so many rubber charity bracelets on your wrist, you probably didn’t even remember what they were all for. At least one non-charitable one definitely snuck in there.

charity braceletsYou were obsessed with The OC and still remember that kiss.

The OC spiderman

It was one of the first TV programmes to really bring a kick-ass soundtrack with it. You have it at home. Now you’re singing the theme song in your head.

You were never more than two people away from someone who had this phone. More than likely, you were the one who had this phone.

motorola razr

You know every word to Mean Girls.

mean girls 1

Every single word.

mean girls 2

This was the couple at the time. You still haven’t truly recovered from the betrayal.

brad and jen

You got your ears pierced in Claire’s Accessories and then bought all the quirky earrings.

Thankfully, now we stick mostly to black eyeliner, real bracelets and proper going out dresses. And the TV show have definitely gotten better… (cue House of Cards season 4!)

Jenny x


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