5 reasons I don’t drive

We are broken up into drivers and non-drivers, and at the moment, I am the latter. There are a few reasons I don’t drive, although the main one is that I don’t have a car. Or a full licence. Or a provisional that hasn’t expired. Okay, so I’m missing a few important components even if I wanted to drive right now, but there are other reasons I choose not to, which I think the other members in the non-driving category can agree with.


Money, money, money

This one’s easy. Unlike most people my age, I ended up moving out before I saved for a car or got my full licence. With all the things I spend my money on, I can’t see myself making room for insurance, tax and petrol right now.

An ode to public transport

Okay, I know Dublin Bus can be a bit like ‘Where’s Wally?’, even with the real time app, and we won’t even mention the Luas people at this time…

Dublin bus

But I’ve actually been really lucky with public transport so far and I wouldn’t use my car to get into work anyway, so driving isn’t overly necessary right now. Mind you, when you’re getting from one end of the city to the other and your bus just decides not to show up, it’s a different story altogether. But public transport woes are definitely a post for another day.

I like being the drivee

I know I can’t definitively say this until I become a proper driver, but I think even though I do like driving, I will always prefer being driven around. I get too distracted, I like to talk and sing in the car, I check Twitter and Snapchat and on long journeys I like to sleep and none of those things make for a very good driver (or so I’m told).

I like wine


Stay with me on this one! I would definitely be the kind of driver who begrudges paying for a taxi, so in my infinite wisdom on a night out, I would say, out loud, to people, “Oh I’ll just drive in and not drink!” There’s no doubt about it, I will definitely say this at some point and regret it as soon as we get into town. Because, while I absolutely don’t need to drink (as an Irish girl, I think we can all agree that we could all do with having a little less, but sure, look.) I don’t particularly like being out with all my friends who are drinking while I’m stone cold sober. So, with no car, I can’t have the so-called ‘bright idea’ of driving in and not drinking for the night.

I have plenty of drivers

Until they all eventually say, “Jenny, we’re not driving you around anymore,” that is. However, I also have drivers in the family, Claire included, and they’re stuck with me, so on the occasions where I really need to be driven somewhere, picked up or dropped off, I have a few fabulous chauffeurs who are happy to help.

I do plan on getting my full licence soon and eventually a car, but for now, I have my reasons. It should also be noted that when I do eventually transfer from the non-drivers to the drivers, I will probably be one of those drivers who swears. A lot.


Jenny x


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