If you were born in the 80s and a teenager in the 90s…

You at some point in your life have owned and swapped fancy note paper. Some of it even smelt pretty…how???

You owned one of these fat, multi-coloured pens…and had a pencil topper that you kept forgetting about and mistakenly chewed on your pencil…ugh, troll hair in mouth!

You rushed home to watch Neighbours after school. You remember when Daphne died and when Scott and Charlene got married.


You wanted to look like and be Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell….

You may have had a cassette album from one or more of these; Bananarama, Kylie, Jason Donovan or Martika. If you were lucky, lucky, lucky, you had a twin cassette player…and if you were short on funds, you waited until the song you liked came on the radio and recorded it.

You fancied Dylan or Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210, even though they seemed way too old to be in high school, especially Dylan who looked 42! Nobody fancied poor Steve, did they?? Ah the good old Peach Pit…

…and who knew Brian Austin Green would turn out to be the best-looking & end up with Megan Fox??

Беверли Хилс 90210 - 18

Chokers, scrunchies and mood rings…. You had at least one of each of these.

Also…Full House…Ah, didn’t those Olsen twins do well? Cigarette-themed weddings and the like…

You wore Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick, then Coffee Shimmer lipstick…sometime teamed with white eyeshadow…no one knows why…

You used Sun-In…more then once..….your hair is still getting over it. Even if you were brunette, you still knew of someone who had a tragic run-in with Sun-In.

I definitely feel there was a lot of missed litigious opportunities for us all there…very misleading advertising!

You were a Christina or Britney fan…you were not a fan of both.

We were all Justin Timberlake fans…let’s face it, we still are.

You wore a carpet coat, an actual coat made from carpet…and you weren’t alone…

carpet coat

You may have also worn a shiny bomber jacket in wine, khaki or black. It might even have been reversible!

Bomber jacket

You probably also owned and wore Xwork jeans, tracksuit bottoms with buttons on the side and had a pair of Nike Air Max…basically you dressed like a boy.

You thankfully moved on to wearing more discerning skinny rib tops and flares…

….and then regressed by wearing white over the knee socks with a short skirt…

socks…most likely to a local disco, which you probably drank a bombshell at or before….and there was an awkward slow set where you got asked to ‘get-off’ with someone’s ‘sound’ friend.

You loved anything from the body shop on Grafton Street or Henry Steet…especially White Musk perfume and strawberry lip balm

You went to see Robin Hood Prince of Thieves…twice… in the Adelphi in one of their four screens.

robin hood

You also knew every word to ‘Everything I do’ …obvs!

The Square in Tallaght was the fanciest shopping centre there was…in fact it was the only centre outside of town.


You made bracelets from beads you bought in Crown Alley, wore stripy block heels from Korky and, again, wore white eyeshadow… seriously, why?

You can quote every word from Clueless and still want Cher’s wardrobe…

You really fancied Jordan Catalano in My So Called Life… and felt really sorry for poor Brian Krakow.

You cut your hair like Rachel from Friends and because of friends you are literally the “Oh My God” generation…and of course can quote lines from all 10 seasons.


You fancied Mark from Take That…you were devo that day in April 1995 when they split up.

You wore platform runners and took on the identity of one of the Spice Girls…even though you actually identified with none…or if you were super cool, you liked All Saints.

Thankfully you grew up, discovered GHD, professional blow dries, Mac make up, dressing for your shape and found stiletto heels…but it’s nice to be nostalgic.

And Jordan Catalano….you still would!

Claire x

4 thoughts on “If you were born in the 80s and a teenager in the 90s…

  1. Anna Geary says:

    Oh my god the tracksuit bottoms with the buttons on the sides that ripped open…like why!!!! 😂
    Great article, laughing away here !!!


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